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Her Story (PC Game)

Her Story is game for people who love database querying. Hilariously, that includes yours truly. The premise of the game is that you have just been given access to some old, disorganized footage of a series of interviews done with a suspect in a murder. You call up footage through querying this database and try to determine what happened (the story is complicated and there’s a lot more to learn than just Who Committed The Murder). There’s even a tagging system, so you can add your own keywords to call up videos later. The game’s pros include an amazing interface (with a couple of Easter eggs), easy game-play (no hand-eye coordination or video game literacy necessary), and compelling content. The only downside is that the endgame dialog (which doesn’t actually end your access to the game or the database) comes after you have accessed a certain number of the videos. Depending on how you design your searches, you can learn the majority of the story long before you see most of the videos and then you just have to make your way through the videos until you reach something like 80%. The game end also enables new admin features, so it’s not simply completionist anxiety. But overall, this game is quite interesting and entertaining and worth a play. $3.59 for the digital download through Jan 4th on Steam ($5.99 after Jan 4th).