This Should be an Essay

This Should be an Essay

I want to say that I feel your absence but I think
I feel the absence of recognition
You make bad poetry out of the best prose, falling apart
halfway through a thought

like you put the “fucked up” in “fucked up.”
or maybe it’s just the “uck.”

Anyway, maybe it’s better sense to pretend
you make sense, that everything is just the lens
it kind of offends but hey it’s something or
not nothing which is better than yawning gaps,
titty slaps, all the people steeple your moments
make churches out of faps yeah I see them too
and true it’s hard to construe the difference
between sin and bullshit penance

It’s no use having a thought anymore
if it doesn’t feel right, it is therefore
a matter of shame.  I learned
this is what tolerance means

I watch my friends from before
steel for a fight, can’t ignore
things aren’t the same, they burned
bridges to build teams.

We put the “ow” in how we
talk about how to be

And your states become algorithms
Fascinated little machines
audio out, audio in
claims and screams

By jtp

Joanna Tova Price has a lot of heart.

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