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Summer is in full swing, and I seek to bloom. Today I began my 1.5 week shift at Saratoga, a branch of the Brooklyn Public Library that is actually in walking distance from my apartment! The Saratoga branch has an actual backyard, and in that beautiful backyard, there is a feral cat colony that they care for. <3  Also there is a lovely librarian here who started around when I did and apparently met her partner at a comics convention, so my plan is obviously to be her new bff.

I have been busy. Here are some of the updates:
–I went to C’s wedding in Seattle earlier this month. C and I are old high school friends, so I saw some of the people I grew up with, and we posed for silly pictures. I was also one of the witnesses for the signing of the k’tuba. It was a beautiful wedding and a nice weekend in Seattle. D.H. and I saw a bunch of the documentary about the making of Broken Age, which was both delightful and inspiring.
–I finally settled on form for my master’s thesis. I need to develop an outline, I’m hoping to pitch it to a professor in late July. The main thinkers I am drawing from are Foucault, Arendt, and certain historians of neoliberalism. With any luck, I’ll be done with grad school this May.
–I’m very excited for the taste of Bushwick next week. Even though I’ve been living in Bushwick for a year now, I don’t have a good lay of the land.
–On that note, it is our intent to renew where we are, so that lets me invest some money into my personal space (instead of moving), which is a relief. I had our cleaning lady come out and help me redo my room. I now have a normal metal bedframe, a large cat tree, a clean floor, and a bunch of stuff in storage, too. And of course, the annual donation of excess clothing.
–I started a meetup group for the story game, Kingdom, that will hopefully also involve creative output from members.
–Due to vacation time, money, and school, it looks like my plans to visit the European continent will finally be realized in July or September 2017. (I guess a lot of Europe shuts down in August)
–I am visiting D.H. in Sacramento, CA, next month, where he will begin his new job as an adult librarian for their public library system there. The plan is mainly not to melt. But I am also flying there from EWR, which is the world’s worst airport. So cross your fingers for me.
–On the friend front, Isaac is running for state rep in Dover, NH, and Noah published his first novel (review to come shortly).

Next week begins the the Big Meetup Campaign, in which I go out and Make All The Friends. Wish me luck, wish me charm.


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