The Design of Yearn

YEARN: An Application for the Recovery of Meaning

A social network that builds relationships around critical thought and reflection.

High Concept, Low Threshold

Yearn is designed to probe two important boundaries in what I have termed “participatory thought.” The first boundary is the line between the “traditional” humanities and the digital humanities. Yearn does offer a critique of […]

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Graffiti and Moral Geographies in New York City

Public space in the city is most frequently perceived by the public literally: a physical space where various logistical processes, mostly involving moving from one place to another, take place.  A sociological conception of space asks how spaces are constructed – or “produced” – socially.  Such a view of public space looks at the social […]

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The Elevator Pitch (On the Longest Elevator Ride Ever)

Yearn: An Application for the Recovery of Meaning is a browser application (most people would just call this a website, but technically, there is a difference between a browser app, like Facebook, and a website, like a restaurant’s homepage).  The goal of Yearn is twofold, the first is investigative: is it possible to use digital methodologies […]

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The Humanist Question

The digital humanities have bred some interesting discussions about what the humanities are. I have to be honest with you, it never occurred to me that this was so controversial. I assumed that the humanities were obviously a way of asking questions that complemented the sciences through difference. That is, the sciences were concerned with […]

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