Enter Titular Character Here: What does she do? What does she want?

So..it’s been another month and here I am, type-type-typing. Today, I accidentally printed out the holds list from my scheduled day off last week (I always pull the olds if I’m in, pulling the holds is my thing) and while I therefore found almost nothing, I still found 3 books that the person who did […]

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Incomparable Tightropes

It’s inescapable: we will view our own struggles only relative to our own sense of justice, and our own sense of entitlement. I will never be happy simply because I am not a Syrian refugee, but I will certainly be unhappy despite not being a Syrian refugee.  What I am getting at, here, is that the […]

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Hectic is Not Full and Calm is Not Empty

I think a normal blog would be all, “here are my resolutions for 2016!” One thing I find most irritating about the holiday season is how everything comes to a halt. Nothing is open, nothing is moving, not even – as the story goes – the mouse. But if there is a theme for this […]

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Often, I feel as though I should wait until something substantial has happened to blog. But of course, life is essentially the perpetual wait for substance, and it seems to me that when we finally arrive at the moments we have obsessed over, we find in them only clues and other moments to wait for. […]

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