American Grownups: Morality and Accountability for Privileged Adults in the U.S.A.

On my 31st birthday, I’ve learned to refrain from the temptation of feigning earnestness. I want to talk about compromise. Specifically, I want to talk about the compromise that is living better than other people live, despite knowing that other people are living in worse conditions. I want to talk about the relationship of that […]

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The Itsy Bitsy Spider Climbed Up the Spout Again

So last week, I formally dropped out of NYU’s interdisciplinary masters degree program for the humanities and social thought. The primary reason is that I ran out of motivation entirely, “burnt out” isn’t quite correct– I’m not exhausted, I’m not even exhausted with intellectual thought or writing, I just don’t care about school. I do […]

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On Staring At the Ceiling As A Legitimate Activity

I do a lot, I must say, to “give my brain a break.” I have a six book stack of YA fiction, mostly taken from book nerds on Tumblr, that I am working my way through. These are the kinds of books where nothing is remotely real, but most of it is quite enjoyable for […]

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If I Were Queen of the Universe: My Royal List of Demands

But if I were queen of the universe, this is what I’d want to see:

– Recognition that “leader of the free world” is not the same thing as “leader of the earth.” For most of human history, we have lived with the possibility that some people far away from us could make decisions and take […]

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In just over a week, I will be 30 years old. I’ve come to certain decisions in the last few months that are important to how I manage my time in the coming months and years. When I set out to get a subject masters in the humanities, my career goal was academic reference librarianship, and to teach as an […]

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Tess gave Marken flowers all by herself, so I guess she’s into it. Marken’s like, “flowers! oh my god! someone gave me flowers! let me just flirt my butt off now.” Tess is like, “dat ass tho.” 

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Here’s Marken in his werewolf form. I actually haven’t had him hunt yet, so I donno if he just looks like a weird human munching on raw meat or what. Guess we’ll find out.I originally moved Marken into a home with other supernatural roommates. Apparently being supernatural gives you celeb status, so Marken is like […]

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Finally got around to giving the flux a decent garden and pool. And a couple of night shots.

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Marken Aranofsky, and his cat, Amelie. Marken is a werewolf. Yep. A werewolf with a cat. Deal with it. Favorite color: GreyFavorite food: Tri-tip steak Favorite Music: Indie

TraitsGoodHopeless RomanticCharismaticAmbitiousLifetime Wish: Find 40k simoleons worth of objects while hunting with the pack.

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Wander, wander here and yonder

Summer is in full swing, and I seek to bloom. Today I began my 1.5 week shift at Saratoga, a branch of the Brooklyn Public Library that is actually in walking distance from my apartment! The Saratoga branch has an actual backyard, and in that beautiful backyard, there is a feral cat colony that they care for. <3  […]

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