Here is what I tell myself.

So what if they don’t realize
that you are a fun person to have lunch with
So what if they purse their lips when you tell them
about how the FDA approved heme, which is in both
red blood cells and the roots of some plants.

If no one files an objection by September,
veggie burgers with heme will be in grocery stores nationally.
I think that’s interesting, that heme is in both plants and people.
I think it’s interesting that it’s okay to serve in restaurants but not to sell in grocery stores yet.
You just know it’s because of lobbyists and you wonder whether there was a meeting in a room
and someone said, “Good grief, John or Greg or Dan, what’s the point of even passing this when they’ll just go to the restaurants and eat them there?”
“Well fuck, Mark or Jason or Alex,” said Mike or Rob or Jake,  “you know the meat industry. Sign the damn thing so we can win this election and get on with legislating. The people are depending on you, Ryan or Bryan or Dave.”

See? I know how to talk about interesting things.
I can be witty and charming.
They don’t have to purse their lips.