The Beginner’s Guide (PC Game)

The Beginner’s Guide, created by Davey Wreden (who also famously made The Stanley Parable), gets immediate brownie points from pretty much every reviewer for daring to try something new.  In a nutshell, the game approaches the topics of consumption-as-identity, authorship, depression, and what it means to know a person in the form of a “narrative […]

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Alias and Marvel’s Jessica Jones

The Alias Omnibus, by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Gaydos is the collected comics which follow a minor superhero in the Marvel universe named Jessica Jones. Many people will have heard of the recent Netflix show, Marvel’s Jessica Jones, which is based on these comics. After watching the Netflix show, I ordered the omnibus expecting some […]

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Her Story (PC Game)

Her Story is game for people who love database querying. Hilariously, that includes yours truly. The premise of the game is that you have just been given access to some old, disorganized footage of a series of interviews done with a suspect in a murder. You call up footage through querying this database and try to […]

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Hectic is Not Full and Calm is Not Empty

I think a normal blog would be all, “here are my resolutions for 2016!” One thing I find most irritating about the holiday season is how everything comes to a halt. Nothing is open, nothing is moving, not even – as the story goes – the mouse. But if there is a theme for this […]

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